Strengths Champions: Expanding Influence and Multiplying Impact
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Coaches provide an excellent depth of understanding and can make meaningful impact individually and with teams. But to create a sustainable community of strengths-based development takes more. Strengths champions expand the positive impact a coach can make by promoting, guiding and encouraging others to invest in their strengths. In this session, explore the role of strengths champion and plan for ways you can evaluate your organization, school or community for potential multipliers — champions.

In this session, participants will explore how to create and implement a “strengths champions strategy” by creating a purpose, selecting the right people, setting them up for success and making it stick.


  • Discover how to widen your influence by working with and through others to create a thriving workplace.
  • Understand the differences between a strengths coach and a strengths champion.
  • Learn how you can create a strengths-based community by leveraging your own strengths.
Sylwi Skrezyna