The Next Frontier: Engagement and Wellbeing for You and Your Organization
Employee Experience and Engagement
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 12:30 PM - 1:20 PM

As remote working continues to blur the lines between home and work, a growing number of employees report feeling burned out. Wellbeing affects the number of sick days people take, their job performance and their likelihood to leave your organization, as does engagement — meaning your company’s strategy to support each employee’s whole-person experience is critical to success. A key question to consider is, what fuels your engagement and wellbeing? Much of it has to do with what’s happening cognitively for each of us and the people around us. Join this session to explore how to create a culture of engagement and wellbeing for a thriving future.


  • Learn the Wellbeing Five, a framework for evaluating and improving the human experience, as well as practical tips to make progress.
  • Discover how the mind works, the power of thinking and how to thrive — for yourself and your organization.
  • Explore your organization’s culture strategy and responsibility for employee engagement and wellbeing.

For this session, we ask participants to have the following resources to participate in an activity:

  • 1 Large Paper Clip
  • 1 Piece of Cotton or String (10-15 inches long)

For the activity, you will need your paper clip tied to your cotton or string.


Bruce Young