Building a Strengths-Based Culture
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 1:30 PM - 2:20 PM

A strengths-based culture is primarily understanding the interpersonal behaviors, rituals and norms that fuel the performance of your organization. Gallup’s research shows that just 23% of U.S. employees strongly agree they can apply their organization’s values to their work every day. We also know that organizations that drive a strong culture gain benefits, such as an increase in employee engagement and improved customer patronage, that lead to significant growth in workforce and net profits. Join this session for both a conceptual and practical foundation of what a strengths-based culture is and what sets it apart. Change the way you work to better attract and retain talent that can elevate your organization to new heights.


  • Explore the impact of culture in driving organizational performance.
  • Learn methodologies to identify and drive your organization’s true purpose and values.
  • Define your organization’s unique culture.
  • Discover how to transform your organization’s culture to an elevated state.
  • Power your organization’s culture journey through CliftonStrengths.
Dipak Sundaram