Insights From the World’s Most Engaged Workplaces: What the Best Are Doing to Drive Engagement
Employee Experience & Engagement
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 1:30 PM - 2:20 PM

Despite workplace culture moving up the priority list for CEOs globally, the experience at work for most employees is unsettling and energy-sapping. A mere two in every 10 employees in the global workforce today are engaged at work. This can be very costly to organizations — the lost productivity of employees who aren’t engaged is 18% of their annual salary. It is also the key factor in what is popularly referred to as the Great Resignation. The good news: There are organizations out there that buck the trend — they have improved engagement levels to amongst the top quartile of Gallup’s database and sustained this even during the pandemic. Join this session to discover how these organizations have managed this feat and transformed their cultures.


  • Learn best practices for growth in employee engagement implemented by Gallup clients and some of the world’s most engaged organizations.
  • Understand the distinct roles of executives, HR and people leaders to drive the people agenda and build sustainable growth in engagement.
  • Consider practical solutions for improving engagement that even accommodate for disruptions in the workplace or marketplace.
Mona Balasubramanian