Bruce Young
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Bruce Young
Job Title
Subject Matter Expert and Executive Coach
Speaker Bio
Bruce Young is a senior workplace consultant who has worked with Gallup clients since 2011 and has over 20 years of total consulting experience. He supports global clients in transforming their workplace performance by helping them capitalize on their strengths to develop leaders, managers and individuals. Bruce builds high-performance leadership teams through strategic consulting sessions and individual, team and executive coaching. Bruce works with clients in media, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, retail, consumer goods, oil and gas, hospitality, and automotive industries. He frequently speaks at company conferences and events, prompting participants to incite positive change. At Gallup, Bruce has integrated his experience of leading cultural transformations around the world, including applying positive psychology to enhance outcomes. Bruce has a bachelor's degree in business administration, finance and economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and has lived in London for more than two decades.