Andrew Green
Full Name
Andrew Green
Job Title
Senior Practice Expert
Speaker Bio
Andrew Green, a Senior Practice Expert, is based in Gallup’s London office. Since joining Gallup in 1998, he has led major consulting engagements in Europe, the Americas, Asia , Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. Andrew's specialty is driving high performance in both mature and emerging markets, with particular focus on sustained productivity gain at the individual, team, and business unit levels. He assists clients with developing strategies that create a focused, aligned, and engaged workplace culture that support the long-term achievement of aggressive business goals. Andrew spends the majority of his time conducting high-level strengths-based consulting and executive coaching to maximize leader and leadership team performance. His particular focus is on formulating strategy, executive decision making, leadership succession planning, applying strengths, and effective team function. In the last several years, Andrew has also become actively involved with entrepreneurs and new start-up companies, providing crucial consulting services to help new businesses survive, grow, and thrive. Andrew earned his bachelor’s degree from Harper Adams University and his master's of business administration degree from The University of Edinburgh. He is also qualified as a Chartered Marketer. Andrew lives in Edinburgh with his wife and has three adult children.