Jeremie Brecheisen
Full Name
Jeremie Brecheisen
Job Title
Gallup EMEA Managing Partner
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Learner | Ideation | Achiever | Belief | Woo
Speaker Bio
Jeremie Brecheisen leads the Gallup EMEA division as Managing Partner.

Over the past two years, Jeremie has lead The Gallup CHRO Roundtable, which hosts 1,000+ large company CHROs. He has conducted over 800 1:1 interviews with these CHROs, hosted over 500 roundtables, conducted over 200 briefings with large company HR leadership teams, and published and written about data from quarterly CHRO surveys, with many published on and in the Harvard Business Review. His data is quoted in many publications such as the Wall Street Journal among others.

Jeremie is a regular contributor and subject matter expert for many topics on, including Gallup’s Real Future of Work series, disruptive forces, agility, the future of HR, and industry-specific challenges.

Jeremie has managed many of Gallup’s largest global clients, and his work has taken him all over the globe, including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He has personally trained or coached thousands of managers and has designed workplace solutions for hundreds of thousands more.

Jeremie is an experienced public speaker, having presented at many public conferences such as HRD Summits, MoneyLive Events, HCI Conferences, Argyle Conferences, Merit Summits and Corenet Conventions among others. He has served as keynote speaker at international conventions with audiences of over 30,000 and live streaming audiences of more than 10,000. He regularly conducts Gallup public webinars to international audiences.

Jeremie received his bachelor’s degree in modern Asian history from Brigham Young University. He received a Master of Business Administration degree in the China International Program from the University of Hawaii. Jeremie speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese.