Therese Nisbet
Full Name
Therese Nisbet
Job Title
Senior Workplace Consultant
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Individualization® | Woo® | Maximizer® | Relator® | Achiever®
Speaker Bio
Therese Nisbet is a Senior Workplace Consultant, executive coach and strengths expert who advises leaders and managers on employee selection and development. With 35 years of experience, she understands the uniqueness of organiziational cultures. Nisbet advises organizations on how to establish a collaborative work environment, foster effective teams, build a strengths-based offense, align people with roles and growth opportunities, and grow an organization’s effectiveness through its employees. Nisbet holds coaching certifications from the International Coach Federation and Gallup and has worked in a coaching capacity with boards of directors, executives and senior leadership teams. Nisbet earned a master’s degree in human development from the University of Nebraska.