Mike Kinney
Full Name
Mike Kinney
Job Title
Senior Workplace Consultant
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Strategic® | Relator® | Woo® | Arranger® | Maximizer®
Speaker Bio
Michael (Mike) J. Kinney, management consultant and senior selection analyst, interviews applicants, analyzes interview results and consults with managers in making selection decisions. He has analyzed more than 25,000 interviews and discussed more than 19,500 candidates, helping clients make hiring decisions based on sound principles and measures of talent. As a lead analyst, Mike’s responsibilities include ensuring quality and service standards are met and building strong, client-focused teams of selection analysts for Gallup’s selection clients. His mission is to find the right fit for the company as well as the applicant. Mike is a Gallup-certified strengths coach, who has coached more than 9,000 individuals, managers and leaders from multiple organizations to maximize their talents and apply tools to create change for the individuals and teams involved. Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.