Seth Schuchman
Full Name
Seth Schuchman
Job Title
Head of Publishing, Permissions and Licensing
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Relator® | Achiever® | Ideation® | Strategic® | Analytical®
Speaker Bio
As Executive Publisher for Gallup Press, Seth manages strategy, sales, rights and operations worldwide for Gallup’s electronic and print publications. Under Seth’s leadership, Gallup Press has published 10 international bestsellers and claims five of the top 50 selling business books of all time.

Seth also leads Gallup’s permissions and licensing business. This team works with global media outlets and businesses to ensure that Gallup’s intellectual property is maximized, well-placed and used appropriately.

In addition to his leadership roles with Gallup Press and licensing, Seth focuses on corporate development and strategic partnerships, which help advance Gallup’s mission.

Seth has extensive international business experience leading rights, distribution, licensing and strategic partnerships in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Prior to assuming his current roles, Seth worked with Gallup’s accounting and finance team and served as a regional business manager for Gallup’s government and World Poll divisions. He also led interviewing teams, operations centers and client projects for Gallup for more than 10 years.