Thriving at Work: Combating Burnout With CliftonStrengths
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

According to a Gallup survey, about three in four employees in the U.S. experience workplace burnout at least sometimes — and about one in four experience burnout either “very often” or “always.” What is burnout, and what does it mean for an employee experiencing it? What kind of impact does it have on an organization? Step into this session dedicated to understanding, identifying and combating burnout. Participants will gain insights into recognizing the early indicators of burnout for themselves and their teams, learn how to prevent burnout by leveraging CliftonStrengths, and discover how to create a resilient, strengths-based approach to work that not only enhances wellbeing but also boosts productivity and engagement.


  • Uncover the holistic nature of burnout — what it looks like and sounds like.
  • Learn how to identify early indicators of burnout for yourself and your team and ways to prevent burnout or catch it early.
  • Discover how dominant talents might contribute to burnout and then what strengths-based coping mechanisms could align with an individual strengths profile.
Purva Hassomal