Balancing Act: Managing Splitter and Blender Workstyle Preferences
Manager and Leader Development
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Half of U.S. workers — called blenders — want to blend work and life, while the other half — splitters — don’t. Both types of employees can be highly engaged and productive, but managers must be able to identify and manage around their preferences to avoid lower engagement, feelings of disrespect and burnout for all. This session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the nuances of workstyle preferences. You will gain a deep understanding of the differences between these two distinct approaches to work and discover effective strategies for managing and optimizing the performance of diverse teams. Leave with actionable insights on how to foster collaboration and maximize engagement in an environment that accommodates both splitters and blenders.


  • Gain a clear understanding of the fundamental differences between splitters and blenders in terms of workstyle preferences, communication styles and approaches to collaboration.
  • Acquire practical tips and strategies for maximizing individual and team performance based on workstyle preferences.
  • Learn how to tailor leadership and management approaches to bring out the best in both splitters and blenders.
Heather Barrett