Mason Hults
Full Name
Mason Hults
Job Title
Learning and Development Consultant
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Individualization® | Strategic® | Relator® | Arranger® | Input®
Speaker Bio
Mason Hults is a learning and development consultant at Gallup. He delivers courses and coaching in English, Spanish and Portuguese, leveraging a decade of living and working in South and Central America, Africa and Europe to bring CliftonStrengths® to as many teams as possible worldwide. His mission as a coach is to start a cascade of positive interactions in the life of each client, leaving them empowered, self-connected and inspired. As a consultant and course leader, he uses strengths-based psychology to train and equip teams and individuals to build thriving workplaces. Mason has a graduate degree in human development and psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He spent a decade of his career living and working in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Niger, Spain and France. His expertise extends to cross-cultural communication, convergent facilitation, learning design and wellbeing at work.