Sean Morong
Full Name
Sean Morong
Job Title
Global Employee Engagement Lead
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Maximizer® | Developer® | Empathy® | Arranger® | Relator®
Speaker Bio
Sean Morong is a certified Gallup® Strengths & Engagement Coach, a Certified Professional Co-
Active® Coach (CPCC) and Accenture’s Global Employee Engagement Lead. He has been with
Accenture for over 20yrs where he has led high performing teams in solving complex problem
for clients across both the retail and health care industries.

Sean is now an HR leader that works with executives and teams on how to leverage their
natural gifts and talents, with a goal of living their most authentic life. His focus areas include
improving team engagement, increasing morale, activating individual & team strengths, and
shifting organizational culture. He is often referred to as “The Corporate Therapist.”

With a Bachelor of Arts in Health Administration, Sean continues to be passionate about the
study of human behavior and changing mindsets. He is regularly consulted to speak on topics
including sleep, fear, anxiety, resilience, purpose, and engagement.

If you ask Sean where he gets his positive beliefs and inspiration, he’ll likely tell you about his
good fortune of having a wise and spiritually connected grandmother, who was his teacher,
mentor, and biggest fan.

Outside of work you can find Sean cooking up a storm in the kitchen, enjoying amazing bold red
wines or hanging out with his wife and four daughters.