Maximizing Your Coaching Potential: Harnessing Strengths for Core Competency Mastery
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

From theory to practice, this interactive session will equip you with insights and techniques to elevate the effectiveness of your coaching. Our expert speakers will guide you through the art of active listening techniques, crafting powerful questions and mastering the skill of reframing in coaching. Learn practical strategies for translating abstract concepts into actionable steps, harnessing your CliftonStrengths to drive meaningful change and transformation. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your coaching potential and take your practice to new heights.


  • Practice deep listening while leveraging CliftonStrengths signature themes to attune to clients’ unique communication styles and preferences.
  • Explore the art of crafting powerful questions that provoke thought and stimulate client reflection, and learn how to utilize CliftonStrengths themes to tailor questions that resonate with clients’ innate talents and motivations.
  • Understand how to bridge the gap between abstract concepts and practical actions, guiding clients towards tangible outcomes.
Cathy DeWeese