Cathy DeWeese
Full Name
Cathy DeWeese
Job Title
Senior Workplace Consultant
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Individualization® | Arranger® | Maximizer® | Input® | Relator®
Speaker Bio
Cathy DeWeese is an executive coach and senior consultant who is an expert on Gallup’s strengths-based development science and coaching practice. She serves as a trusted adviser, specializing in coaching executives, leaders and coaches in organizations across the globe. Her coaching sessions are highly individualized, practical and action oriented, with an emphasis on growth and authenticity. She helps leaders maximize their potential by using their talents to best lead their organizations, build effective teams, achieve measurable business outcomes and live more satisfying lives. She also develops and facilitates leadership team sessions where participants leverage their individual and collective talents towards impactful desired outcomes. Cathy works with clients in various industries worldwide, including financial services, medical devices, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, hospitality, retail, business services and technology, and with nonprofit and service organizations.