Rachael Breck
Full Name
Rachael Breck
Job Title
Senior Director of Talent Management
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Achiever® | Maximizer® | Ideation® | Strategic® | Learner®
Speaker Bio
Rachael Breck is the senior director of talent management at Gallup. She leads Gallup’s global talent consulting division, which includes client-facing CliftonStrengths® coaches and talent analysts, helping Gallup’s clients select and coach their top talent for top performance. Rachael also leads Gallup’s global talent resources team, focusing on recruiting and hiring strategies in selecting associates who bring their talent to Gallup. Rachael is passionate about building thriving teams internally at Gallup and with our global clients across industries. She is responsible for the strategy, delivery and alignment of resources for Gallup’s Hiring Analytics practice. She brings teams together and plans for the future by optimizing processes to drive excellence. Rachael has extensive expertise in people and process management and working with associates across various roles and levels of experience. She has a master’s degree in management from Bellevue University and bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.