Ilana Ron Levey
Full Name
Ilana Ron Levey
Job Title
Managing Director
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Strategic® | Maximizer® | Individualization® | Ideation® | Learner®
Speaker Bio
As a leader of Gallup's Global Analytics division, Ilana Ron Levey leverages Gallup's unparalleled research
platforms to help organizations and leaders make better decisions through data and understanding public
sentiment. Ilana is a member of the firm's executive leadership team and chairs Gallup's research brand
protection committee. She has designed some of Gallup's most successful global research partnerships,
resulting in increased visibility, thought leadership and media coverage of a wide array of critical social impact
topics. Her business responsibilities include ensuring client impact, talent and people strategies, brand
visibility, and building a thriving division. Ilana has strong familiarity with emerging markets and working
with clients with global operations. She has led significant consulting and research engagements across Africa,
Europe and the United States. As a result of these experiences, Ilana has unique aptitude for building global
and cross-cultural teams and designing solutions and research that positively impact government, business and
philanthropy. Ilana is also a frequent Gallup spokesperson and public speaker on data-driven topics. She is
passionate about civic engagement and serves on several national boards, including the United States
Holocaust Memorial Museum Next Generation board.