Mandela Lofton
Full Name
Mandela Lofton
Job Title
Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships, Gallup Center on Black Voices
Speaker Top 5 Strengths
Strategic® | Achiever® | Learner® | Context® | Futuristic®
Speaker Bio
Mandela Lofton has been with Gallup since 2019, serving as a consultant and associate director of strategic partnerships for the Gallup Center on Black Voices (GCBV). He also serves as a member of ForbesBLK and the Gallup Diversity Council, and as a community leader of the Gallup Black Caucus (Community Group). Mandela leads the Education Division in managing and advising clients on employee engagement, strengths-based culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, wellbeing and talent-based hiring. He is also a subject matter expert in content creation for business development, subject matter experts and account leads, and leads the GCBV's business development. Mandela honed his expertise in customer centricity through his previous work experience. Before joining Gallup, Mandela started a small business helping U.S. and U.K. universities recruit international students for enrollment. He was also a business development consultant for a firm that advised on high-risk matters, such as diversity, equity, inclusion, unconscious bias, sexual harassment and assault, suicide prevention, pay equity, and LGBTQIA issues. Mandela earned his Bachelor of Science degree in political science from George Washington University.