Group Registration

Teams that learn together grow and thrive together.

Group Discount

Are you registering a group of five or more?
Great! Every sixth registration is complimentary. The discount is automatically applied to your group order when you have six or more registrations in your cart.

How to Register Your Group

  1. Select your experience
    To begin, select which experience you want — In person, virtual, or both.
  2. Select the number of passes

    Once you’ve selected your experience type and the number of passes needed, you can complete your purchase in a single check-out transaction.

    Remember: We will add one complimentary ticket to your order for every five registrations purchased. If you purchase 10 registrations, we will add an additional two tickets at no cost, and so on. 

  3. Submit your order
    After submitting your order, you will receive an order summary of the registrations you purchased. Within five business days, you will receive a unique link to distribute to your team.

Register now for the group discount

Please note: Complimentary tickets will only be awarded when you purchase an increment of five tickets that match in type, and the awarded complimentary ticket will match the type of the five tickets purchased. For example, if you purchase five in-person tickets, you will receive one complimentary in-person ticket. If you purchase five virtual tickets, you’ll receive one complimentary virtual ticket. Buying a mixture of five in-person and virtual tickets won’t result in a complimentary ticket.